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StartDec 12, 2018
EndJan 31, 2019

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The CURES token wants to diversify the health care system and give power to patients, medical application developers, medical service providers and equipment suppliers. Our vision of managing this change is to empower all stakeholders using innovative technologies such as block chains and smart contracts, bringing more choices and options.


CURES token has been forged out of a desire to decentralize the health care system, empowering the patients, Health App developers, Medical Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers.

Our vision of managing this change is to empower all stakeholders through the use of innovative technology such as blockchain and smart contracts, resulting in more options and choices: transcending borders, nurturing a transparent and trusted review system, allowing better and more informed decisions.

In order to facilitate this, we have developed 6 main pillars to our robust business strategy, including:

App store for Health apps (HAPP store) – offering our own apps aimed at improving eyesight, vision and quality of life; and nurturing any developer to list their health apps free of charge. A point worth noting is that one of the products we have ready to be purchased with the tokens immediately after they are generated is Vision – software for the colourblind, which has already received endorsement by multiple medical, educational and academic establishments, as well as institutional support from bodies such as Ministries of Education and the European Parliament.

Electronic Health Records – patients can take control over their data enabling remote consultations, obtaining second opinions which all goes to alleviate the tremendous burden the Healthcare system is experiencing, by reducing waiting lists and visits, which can result in contracting further diseases. There is even the opportunity for monetizing their own data by selling access to it for various medical and statistical surveys.

Health assurance platform – our innovative future contracts concept allows for both specific contracts and generic contracts. Medical Service Providers (MSP) are encouraged to offer these contracts for a discount, in return for payment now, creating added value, enabling both patient and MSP the opportunity to buy and sell these contracts in order to maximize their scare resources.

Marketplace and trust review platform – patients are no longer lead just by recommendations but encouraged to browse and search for medical service providers globally, ensuring security, cost effectiveness, nurturing perfect competition through a decentralized system. An essential element is to create a genuine trust review system, whereby, once a transaction has been completed through the blockchain, only the recipient is allowed to post a review – good or bad. To ensure further that the most appropriate informed decisions are made, reviews will also encompass Medical practitioners.

Trading platform – creating a comprehensive sales channel for Medical Equipment Suppliers (MES) to sell directly to patients or wholesale to hospitals, clinics and other traders, eliminating long supply chains, helping reduce costs.

Charitable trust fund – a separate legal entity, funded with 5% of the token supply and voluntary contributions by token users. To be used as a funding instrument for charitable projects aimed at improving world healthcare in deprived regions and project selection in a transparent way against a set of clearly defined criteria.

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