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Verge Was Hacked Again
May 22, 2018 0 241
Verge has suffered what executives are claiming is a DDoS attack. The platform is experiencing a serious delay in its blockchain, which has led to security concerns amongst users and worries ...
EOS potential trade opportunity
May 22, 2018 0 781
EOS Technical Analysis trade opportunity:
Will Ripple Take Over Visa and Mastercard
May 22, 2018 0 324
We always hear rumors of Ripple and Visa/Mastercard, this is most probably because at it stands, Ripple’s technology seems to be the most adoptable by mainstream society. Therefore, if a cryptocurrency did some to ...
Today’s Technicals 22.05.2018
May 22, 2018 0 276
BITCOIN Forecast 22.05.2018 ETHEREUM Forecast 22.05.2018 LITECOIN Forecast 22.05.2018 RIPPLE Forecast 22.05.2018  
Cybersecurity on the Blockchain
May 21, 2018 0 235
There is little doubt that so-called dark hats have taken over the internet leaving it exposed, weak and vulnerable to any bad actors to use it as they will. Not ...
Is Ripple Going To Help Amazon With Cross Border Payments?
May 21, 2018 0 268
We have seen a video surfaced over the weekend that shows a member of the Ripple Labs team, referring to some issues faced by Amazon with regards to cross-border payments. Payments between merchants on ...
Blockchain Straining Banks’ IT Infrastructure
May 21, 2018 0 259
Banks and other financial institutions are adopting applications based on the decentralized database technology blockchain. Dealing with the resulting tsunami of data will require CIOs to optimize server capability—or risk ...
Today’s Technicals 21.05.2018
May 21, 2018 0 251
BITCOIN Forecast 21.05.2018 ETHEREUM Forecast 21.05.2018 LITECOIN Forecast 21.05.2018 RIPPLE Forecast 21.05.2018
Volatility Is Not A Problem For Ripple
May 20, 2018 0 2845
There is no doubt that Ripple is one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the market; however, a lot of talks has been surrounding the price at the moment, as this has been ...
Ethereum’s  Network Being Slowed Down
May 20, 2018 0 200
The case for scalability on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain cannot come at a better time as more and more Decentralized Applications are responsible for clogging up the network. As a ...
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